Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Trying Out Phil Smith Hair

I very rarely stick with one haircare brand. I find that my hair gets too used to products after a while and some shampoos and conditioners aren't as effective as they first were. As soon as I run out of shampoo and conditioner I usually switch it up and buy another brand rather than repurchasing.

Recently I was contacted by Phil Smith to see if I'd like to try any of their products.

Phil Smith hair products are exclusive to Sainsbury's and are salon inspired so deliver high quality at affordable prices. They have a number of different ranges for different hair types and I tested out the Coco-licious Coconut Oil Shampoo, SOS Rescue Damage Protection Conditioner, Hello Moisture conditioning treatment, and Total Treat Argan Oil Cream.

First Impressions: At a glance the products looked really impressive. While the packaging is very simple I could tell they were high quality and I was pleased that were so many different ranges to choose from and plenty of styling and treatment products as well as the usual shampoo and conditioners. I have very fine hair which is often dry, so I love anything that is super nourishing. Coconut Oil and Argan Oils are big musts for me!

How I got on with the products: The Coconut Oil shampoo did nourish my hair, however, I found it also made it prone to getting greasy a little quicker than normal. Having fine hair it's important to find the balance between nourishing and cleansing, and anything with oil in can sometimes be a bit heavy on my hair.

I loved the SOS Rescue conditioner! I use heat on my hair everyday and am guilty of not using heat protection products. While this helped to nourish and moisturise my hair it wasn't too thick or greasy and didn't weigh it down at all.

The Intensive Conditioning treatment was also great. I used it before shampooing and it helped to moisturise my hair while keeping it clean and fresh.

If you're looking for a new haircare range that is affordable then I would definitely recommend Phil Smith products! I think I'll try out some of their other ranges next. Check out their website here.

*Post contains PR Samples


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