Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Hothair Brianna 3/4 Wig Review

I've never used hair extensions or hair pieces before (let alone a wig), so when I was contacted about the Hothair 3/4 wigs I was a little intrigued. I tried out the Brianna 3/4 quarter wig, which is a long style with waves through the ends. As this is just a three quarter wig it clips on to the back of your head, the clips made it very easy to put on although I did take a few goes as I had never tried it before! It felt a little strange wearing it at first and it didn't feel too secure but I soon got used to it and it stayed put.
Wearing the Brianna 3/4 wig gave my a hair a lot more volume and made it look really bouncy, which is a look I often struggle to achieve. I regularly curl my hair but because it's so fine it goes flat within seconds.

It arrived in this Hothair box which is perfect for storing it in so it can keep its shape and style. 

I chose the shade "Golden Wheat" and when it arrived I was worried it wouldn't match the colour of my hair but it blended with my natural hair and matched perfectly. As it is synthetic hair it can't be styled, but I found that it kept its shape and style well.

All in all I was really impressed with the Brinna 3/4 wig, especially as this was my first time wearing any kind of hair piece. It felt a little strange wearing it so I'd be nervous about wearing it on a night out in case it came loose! But with a little extra hairspray I'm sure it will stay in place. It added instant length and volume to my hair and I loved the style of it.

Have you tried any similar hair pieces?


  1. This looks amazing on you! Looks really natural too, like you've just got some curls and volume in your natural hair. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  2. You look so cute wearing this! I can't even tell you're wearing a wig at all. You look great already without the wig though so you don't even really need it.

    Mai | Wigs Jupiter FL

  3. I like the mesmerising beauty of actors and models dressed up in the stylish synthetic lace wigs, as it helps adding vibrant colours to their personality.

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